What is the best SD card?

All of these cards are capable of shooting 4K video. However, if that’s your use case then I’d recommend 128GB cards or larger.

This card from Transcend has the best price to performance.

This card from Samsung is the speed winner, although it’s annoyingly difficult to find in 128GB sizes or from retailers other than Samsung itself. Not a great deal when you can get double the storage in other cards for the same or less money.

This card from SanDisk is a good middle ground.

What is the best music streaming service?

Google Play Music offers the best bang-for-your-buck, giving you YouTube Red and ad-free listening on the YouTube Music app in addition to an excellent base music service. You can also upload 50,000 of your own songs if their already substantial library doesn’t cover your more esoteric tastes.

If you’re not particularly invested into the Google ecosystem, Spotify is definitely the best.

I personally use both.