What is the best electronics organizer?

I got sick of constantly untangling the rats nest of cables and electronics accessories that kept developing in my daily bag. Organizers to the rescue!

I’ve been a big fan of the AmazonBasics Universal Travel Case in the past, but I stopped using it on a regular basis because it was bulky and wasted a lot of space in my bag. Still a solid case for the price, but not daily carry material.

I have since moved to the ProCase Travel Gear Organizer supplemented by a Cocoon Grid-It. This system is more compact and flexible than before and I really like how the ProCase is laid out. The items within are potentially less protected than with the hard-sided AmazonBasics case, but considering it’s already in a padded bag (and I don’t put anything breakable in it anyway), I’m willing to make that sacrifice. Organization efficiency trumps raw protection in this case.


What is the best SD card case?

Looking for a robust, water-resistant case for your SD and microSD cards?

You could always buy the Pelican 0915, which is a classic choice but a bit expensive in my opinion.

I use the Kupton Case instead. Built extremely well, has a water-resistant seal, no branding/logos anywhere, and it holds my cards very securely. Some reviews claim that cards fall out of their slots, but I haven’t ever had that problem myself. And you can get two of them for much less than a single Pelican 0915!