What is the best electronics organizer?

I got sick of constantly untangling the rats nest of cables and electronics accessories that kept developing in my daily bag. Organizers to the rescue!

I’ve been a big fan of the AmazonBasics Universal Travel Case in the past, but I stopped using it on a regular basis because it was bulky and wasted a lot of space in my bag. Still a solid case for the price, but not daily carry material.

I have since moved to the ProCase Travel Gear Organizer supplemented by a Cocoon Grid-It. This system is more compact and flexible than before and I really like how the ProCase is laid out. The items within are potentially less protected than with the hard-sided AmazonBasics case, but considering it’s already in a padded bag (and I don’t put anything breakable in it anyway), I’m willing to make that sacrifice. Organization efficiency trumps raw protection in this case.


What is the best lens pouch?

Looking for a high quality but versatile way to protect your lenses?

I use these neoprene pouches from Altura Photo.

Good selection of sizes, nice drawstring closure, and excellent overall protection. I’ve had lenses bang around in my daily bag and in luggage while traveling which have been protected by these pouches. No dents or scratches anywhere. There are cheaper pouches out there, but whenever I’ve tried one it has quickly fallen apart and/or the protection is lacking. These are priced more than fairly for what you get.

What is the best SD card case?

Looking for a robust, water-resistant case for your SD and microSD cards?

You could always buy the Pelican 0915, which is a classic choice but a bit expensive in my opinion.

I use the Kupton Case instead. Built extremely well, has a water-resistant seal, no branding/logos anywhere, and it holds my cards very securely. Some reviews claim that cards fall out of their slots, but I haven’t ever had that problem myself. And you can get two of them for much less than a single Pelican 0915!